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Aujourd’hui, New City Initiative regroupe 42 sociétés indépendantes de gestion d’actifs, dont quelques une des plus importantes en Europe. Les membres gèrent collectivement environ 350 milliards d’euros et emploient plusieurs milliers de personnes.

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Are Tokenised Assets the Future?

Are Tokenised Assets the Future?

Two years ago, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin exploded onto the scene. As more retail investors started piling into this nascent asset class, its price reached unfathomable heights, only to plunge dramatically not long after. Happening in parallel to the cryptocurrency bubble was the sudden proliferation of initial coin offerings (ICOs), best described as an unregulated crowdfunding device popular among (some) technology start-ups, which leverages blockchain to raise funds from investors through the issuance of cryptocurrencies.Most institutional asset managers chose not to invest in cryptocurrencies or ICOs as the instruments were seen as being largely unregulated and vulnerable to fraud, money…

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