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Aujourd’hui, New City Initiative regroupe 49 sociétés indépendantes de gestion d’actifs, dont quelques-unes des plus importantes en Europe. Les membres gèrent collectivement environ 550 milliards d’euros et emploient plusieurs milliers de personnes.

Work in Progress

This section is designed to show our current thinning and areas of research. To find out about potential collaborations on our research programme please email or phone 020 7725 1874

How to Improve alignment in the financial services industry

Our next paper due to be published in Spring 2013 will look at practical suggestions about how asset managers can become better aligned with their clients, drawing on our experience as financial SMEs for whom this is a fundamental tenet of our business.

Good Practise Statements

Following on from the publication of the Kay Review of UK Equity Markets and Long-Term Decision Making in June 2012 and the response published by the Department for Business Innovation & Skills in November 2012 we are currently looking at proposals for the adoption of Good Practise Statements for the asset management industry.

Implementation of AIFMD

As the deadline for the adoption of AIFMD draws closer the NCI are keeping a close watch on the final level three proposals that will be published by ESMA and the FSA’s final consultation paper on the proposals.